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Unlock the full potential of your brokerage with Hai Broker, the ultimate digital hub for brokers. Seamlessly manage client relationships, drive sales growth, enhance your skills through online training, generate compliance documents and more. This one-stop solution is customised to meet your unique requirements, putting everything you need at your fingertips. Embrace the revolutionary way of operating in the industry with Hai Broker and elevate your brokerage to new heights.

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CRM Features

Our CRM platform offers many features to streamline client interactions and lead management. From contact management and activity tracking to document organisation and storage, our CRM equips brokers with the necessary tools to stay organised and deliver exceptional service.

Effortlessly connect with clients through integrated VoIP phone, SMS, E-Mail, live chat, and client portal. Connecting with clients across multiple channels empowers you to deliver exceptional service and strengthen client relationships.

Unleash the potential of collaboration by leveraging our comprehensive toolkit of deal notes, task, live chat, and visual status tools. Effectively connect and coordinate with your team members and partners to drive productivity, enhance communication, and achieve remarkable outcomes with our CRM services.

Automate workflow with task allocation, notifications, updates, reminders and document production. API integration connects systems for seamless data exchange. Encryption and security ensure compliance and protect sensitive data.

Effortlessly manage your leads pipeline, ongoing framework and projects with the help of our intuitive visual workflow and project boards. Stay organised, gain clarity, and achieve greater efficiency.

Compliance is a top priority in the mortgage industry. Our CRM solution provides robust compliance support, including features such as compliance checklists, automated reminders for regulatory requirements and document generation to facilitate adherence to industry regulations.

Our CRM is designed to boost brokers’ efficiency and productivity. It includes time-saving features like email integration, automated workflows and task management that make daily operations easier. These features allow brokers to focus on nurturing client relationships and growing their businesses.

Gain valuable insights with our CRM’s reporting and analytics capabilities. Brokers can track key performance indicators, monitor client engagement and identify growth opportunities through data-driven decision-making. Our CRM empowers brokers to make informed business decisions.

We are committed to supporting brokers in utilising our CRM platform effectively. Comprehensive training resources, user guides and access to customer support ensure brokers can maximise the CRM’s features and leverage its full potential.

Through strategic integration partnerships, we enhance the functionality of our CRM platform. These partnerships provide additional value to brokers by seamlessly integrating with other industry software or services, further optimising their operations.

Choosing the Best CRM Software for Mortgage Brokers in Australia


If you’re a mortgage broker in Australia, you understand that success in this dynamic industry depends on efficient client management and effective lead tracking. To excel, you need the right tools. Let’s explore the world of CRM software tailored specifically for mortgage brokers in Australia, including the best options available.


Why CRM Software is Essential for Mortgage Brokers


Being a mortgage broker in Australia comes with unique challenges and opportunities. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can be your trusted ally for several reasons:

  • Streamlined Client Management: The best CRM for mortgage brokers in Australia lets you manage all your client information in one organized place. From contact details to loan histories, access and update critical data easily, ensuring you’re always well-prepared.
  • Efficient Lead Tracking: Every lead matters, especially in Australia’s competitive market. CRM software enables you to track leads from initial contact to deal closure, ensuring you never miss out on promising opportunities.
  • Automated Communication: Building strong client relationships requires timely and personalized communication. A CRM automates email campaigns and reminders, helping you stay connected effortlessly.
  • Task Management: Keeping track of appointments and follow-up calls is crucial. CRM software provides task management features to help you stay organized and on top of your game.


Discover the Best CRM Software for Australian Mortgage Brokers


Let’s delve into one outstanding CRM software option tailored for mortgage brokers in Australia:

Hai Broker CRM: Your Ultimate Brokerage Companion

Hai Broker CRM is more than just software; it’s your partner in success, designed to revolutionize the way you operate in the industry. Here’s what makes Hai Broker stand out:

  • Connect with Ease: Effortlessly communicate with clients through integrated VoIP phone, SMS, E-Mail, live chat, and a client portal. Multi-channel communication empowers you to deliver exceptional service and strengthen client relationships.
  • Collaborate Effectively: Collaboration is key in the mortgage brokerage business. Hai Broker fosters teamwork by providing a platform for seamless collaboration with your team members.
  • Automate Your Workflow: Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming tasks. Hai Broker automates repetitive processes, freeing up your valuable time to focus on building relationships and closing deals.
  • Efficiently Organize Data: Managing client information, documents, and activities is a breeze with Hai Broker. The CRM platform offers tools for contact management, activity tracking, and document organization and storage.
  • Compliance Support: Compliance is a top priority in the mortgage industry. Hai Broker CRM provides robust compliance support, including compliance checklists, automated reminders, and document generation, ensuring adherence to industry regulations.
  • Boost Efficiency and Productivity: Hai Broker CRM streamlines your workflow, making you more productive and enabling you to handle more clients with ease.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Make informed decisions with powerful reporting and analytics tools. Track your performance, identify opportunities, and refine your strategies for growth.
  • Training and Support: Continuous learning is essential in the ever-evolving mortgage industry. Hai Broker offers online training and support to help you enhance your skills and stay at the top of your game.
  • Integration Partnerships: Seamlessly integrate Hai Broker with other essential tools and software, making it the central hub for your brokerage operations.


Embrace the revolutionary way of operating in the mortgage brokerage industry with Hai Broker. Elevate your brokerage to new heights, deliver exceptional service, and unlock your full potential as a broker.

How Hai Broker's Impact on Success

John Thomson

Director Company ABC

Hai Broker CRM has been an absolute game-changer for our brokerage. The CRM features have transformed how we manage client relationships, drive sales growth, and enhance productivity. Seamless connectivity through multiple channels, powerful collaboration tools, automation features, and intuitive organisation capabilities have revolutionised our operations. The compliance support ensures regulatory adherence, while reporting and analytics provide valuable insights. The training resources and integration partnerships have further enhanced our experience. Hai Broker CRM is a must-have for any brokerage seeking success and growth in the mortgage industry.

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