Meet Our Mentors

At Hai Money Mentor School, you’ll find a diverse group of experienced professionals ready to support you. Each mentor brings unique expertise in various areas of finance, whether it’s commercial real estate, investment banking, financial planning, or other specialties. They are committed to guiding you on your broking journey, helping you gain invaluable insights and personalized advice. Get ready for a transformative experience as you work with our team to achieve your goals and become a successful broker.

Head of Mentor

Aaron Megerditchian

Aaron Megerditchian, with over 25 years in finance, brings a wealth of experience to his role as Head of Hai Money Mentor. Specialising in residential lending while offering expertise in commercial finance and asset finance, Aaron excels in finding tailored solutions for clients. His mentoring approach is hands-on, nurturing, and focused on instilling confidence in mentees to make informed decisions. With a track record of successful mentoring, Aaron emphasises integrity, reputation, and continuous learning as cornerstones for success in the broking industry.

Commercial Mentor

Martin Walmsley (Marty)

Martin “Marty” Walmsley, our Commercial Mentor, brings over 26 years of experience in the finance industry, coupled with 4 years in real estate. With a passion for finance ignited in 1998, Marty’s career has spanned management and leadership roles in major banks, culminating ina transition to mortgage broking in 2017 for better work-life balance. Specialising in residential and commercial lending, Marty also holds a Class 1 Real Estate License, enhancing his expertise in real estate sales and management. Notable achievements include being a state finalist in various industry awards. Marty’s mentoring style focuses on building strong relationships, tailoring unique plans for each mentee, and fostering growth through technical skill development and networking. With a philosophy centered on understanding and adapting to each mentee’s needs, Marty is dedicated to seeing fellow brokers succeed in the dynamic world of finance.


John Perivolaris

John Perivolaris brings over 20 years of diverse experience in the finance industry. With a background spanning commerce, media, and two bachelor’s degrees, John has spent the last 9 years as a self-employed mortgage broker. Specialising in investment and SMSF lending, John’s mentoring approach is relaxed yet supportive, focusing on technical skills alongside holistic well-being. Passionate about passing on his knowledge, John emphasises the importance of self-motivation and accountability for success in the broking industry.


Rui Ge (Greg)

Rui “Greg” Ge brings over a decade of expertise in banking and mortgage firms, including stints at ANZ, Westpac, and Loan Market. Specialising in home and business loans, complex structure applications, and start-up business loans, Greg has earned recognition through numerous performance awards. Fluent in both Chinese and English, he offers a unique blend of practical advice and guidance to his mentees. Greg’s mentoring style focuses on support,empowerment, and practical solutions, aiming to empower mentees to excel in the broking industry. With a passion for overcoming challenges and seeing others grow, Greg fosters an environment of open communication and active listening to ensure mentees’ professional success and personal fulfillment.

Ready to get started?

Start your journey to becoming your own boss and get competitive rewards!

Ready to get started?

Start your journey to becoming your own boss and get competitive rewards!

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