Hai Money’s upcoming “Payment Solution”

We are excited to announce Hai Money’s upcoming “Payment Solution,” a revolutionary tool designed to streamline commission management for our brokers and enhance business efficiency. Although still in development, this innovative software promises to transform how brokers handle their commissions, making the process simpler, faster, and more accurate.

Seamless Commission Management

Imagine having all your monthly commission receipts at your fingertips – accessible, comprehensive, and securely stored. With Hai Money’s Payment Solution, you can easily download detailed commission receipts for any past month. The portal provides a complete breakdown, showing your earnings upfront and from the trail, identifying the lender and borrower, and detailing the remaining loan amounts. This feature eliminates the time-consuming task of manual calculations, ensuring you get paid accurately and on time.

Efficient Broker Group Payments

Our Payment Solution also caters to broker groups, allowing the head broker to manage sub-broker payments efficiently through an admin account. This feature reduces reliance on the accounting team, enabling swift adjustments to commission percentages and speedy payments. Each sub-broker receives an individual receipt or Excel sheet detailing their commissions, making tracking and verification effortless.

Powerful Referral Add-On Feature

The Referral add-on feature takes your business to the next level by simplifying the process of registering both business and individual referrals. Set up referral commission rates, secure your agreements with documentation, and ensure smooth transactions with your business referrers. For individual referrals, brokers can record contact details in the system, providing referrers with a login to manage and check their commission payments.

Boost Lead Generation

Our reward referral program allows brokers to attract more referrals and improve lead generation. Existing clients can refer their network contacts through a client portal, earning fixed reward payments for each successful deal. This digital method helps brokers generate leads from their existing client data, benefiting both brokers and referrers as commissions are paid upon deal settlement.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

Hai Money’s Payment Solution empowers broker groups to manage sub-broker payments without heavily relying on accounting teams. The head broker can adjust commission rates on the fly, ensuring flexibility and speed in handling payments. Sub-brokers receive detailed receipts or Excel sheets, making it easier to track and verify their earnings.

Join Hai Money Today

Managing your commission receipts has never been easier. Improve your efficiency, attract more referrals, and take control of your commission management with Hai Money’s innovative Payment Solution. Visit our website to learn more about this upcoming product and stay tuned for its official release.

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