The Adviser Highlights Hai Money: A Broker’s Vessel to Success

In the world of finance, brokers often seek a community that supports their growth, fosters inclusivity, and values their unique contributions. Hai Money – the newly launched sub-aggregator under Finsure, embodies these principles, making waves in the industry with its broker-centric approach. Recently, The Adviser – a leading media representative, spotlighted Hai Money in their article “A Broker’s Vessel to Success,” delving into the essence of our promising company.

The Launch of Hai Money

Officially launched in June, Hai Money aims to empower brokers who lack support to realise their full potential. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to education, mentorship, and community. Our Head of Growth and Strategy, Bruce Li, shared insights into our vision and strategies with The Adviser, emphasising the importance of a supportive environment for brokers at all stages of their careers.

Core Values and Objectives

Hai Money derives its name from the concept of the ‘Money Sea,’ symbolising a vast and supportive network for brokers. Our core proposition revolves around coaching brokers of all levels, ensuring they have the tools and resources needed to succeed. This support is not just about business growth but also about fostering a multicultural and inclusive community where brokers from diverse backgrounds can thrive together.

Focus and Priorities

We prioritise extensive support for the new generation of brokers, particularly young professionals embarking on their careers. The Hai Mentor School is a cornerstone of this support, offering coaching from industry veterans and scholarship opportunities to ease the financial burden for new brokers. This initiative is designed to help brokers build a strong foundation for their businesses and significantly boost their performance.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on fostering a tight-knit network among brokers, lenders, and aggregators. This interconnected community is crucial for brokers to build relationships, share knowledge, and collaborate effectively.

Digital Innovation and Tools

Keeping pace with technological advancements, we have developed the Hai Broker Portal, a comprehensive digital hub offering a range of tools to enhance brokers’ workflow and efficiency. The portal includes educational content, policy updates, and an exclusive Infynity CRM provided by Finsure to streamline tasks. Tools like Quickli and Middle further enhance the client experience and empower brokers to expand their business.

One of our upcoming projects is the Payment Solution, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline commission management. This system will enable brokers to access and download detailed monthly commission receipts, saving time with automated calculations and timely payments. An optional ‘Referral’ feature will also help brokers manage referrals and boost lead generation.

Why Partner with Hai Money?

Hai Money distinguishes itself with a broker-centric approach, ensuring that brokers feel valued and supported. With a diversified lender panel of over 100 lenders, brokers can find tailored solutions for their clients. Our leadership team, with over 20 years of collective experience, continuously seeks ways to support brokers, making Hai Money a reliable partner in the competitive finance industry.

Our company culture promotes the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic, offering commission models and pricing that provide brokers with well-deserved financial rewards. High-performance brokers are also recognised with exclusive events, fostering a sense of community and celebration of achievements.

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To delve deeper into Hai Money’s journey and its impact on brokers, read the full story in The Adviser’s article “A Broker’s Vessel to Success” HERE.

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