Elevate Your Brokerage Excellence with Hai Money

At Hai Money, we understand the intricacies of your broking journey. As an established aggregator, we are committed to providing the tools and support you need to excel. Here are three key aspects brokers should look for in an aggregator:

Comprehensive Support System

      An ideal aggregator offers robust support throughout the broking process. At Hai Money, our dedicated team provides personalised assistance through our Business Management Platform, including Broker Tools, Compliance Support, Mentor School (Training & Education), and a Scenario Discussion Forum. We ensure you have the resources and guidance to succeed every step of the way.

      Extensive Network of Lenders

      Gain access to a diverse range of lenders through Hai Money’s extensive network. Our lender panel includes various bank and non-bank lenders across Residential Lending, Commercial Lending and Diversified Lending. With over 100 lenders and service providers, we empower you to offer the best options to your clients, enhancing your competitive edge in the market.

      Competitive Commission Models

      Maximise your earnings with our highly competitive commission models. Hai Money offers three distinct commission structures: BOSUN (Percentage Model), HAI STAR (Transactional Model) and HIGH SEA (Flat Fee Model). Whether you prefer a percentage-based structure, transactional rewards or flat fee simplicity, we have the perfect model to match your goals and reward your hard work.

      Download our information pack HERE to discover how Hai Money can be your trusted partner.

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